4th of July Celebration Tips

July 4th is a celebration of our freedom. But on this Independence Day, for the first time in more than a century, our freedoms include the ability to legally buy, possess, and use medical and recreational cannabis. Below are a few helpful tips for the Fourth of July with Cannabis.

While the law allows adults to possess quite a bit of cannabis in public, it doesn’t allow you to smoke it in public — or in areas where smoking tobacco is banned, such as restaurants and offices. Light up in public and you could get dinged with a fine, plus possible additional penalties in towns that have bylaws or ordinances prohibiting public pot use.

This doesn’t require much explanation at all: It’s completely illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana and medical marijuana. True, there’s no easy breathalyzer-like test police officers can use to measure impairment from cannabis, but the cops will still take you off the road if they believe you’re stoned.

For many, it’s a July Fourth tradition to hop in a boat and putter around. It’s still illegal to pilot a watercraft of any size under the influence of any form of weed. The police enforces federal laws within all navigable US waters, not to mention local authorities.
I think if you can follow these tips with cannabis, you can have a great holiday. Happy Fourth of July!

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to shelter in place across the U.S. cannabis consumers and non-consumers alike may be noticing that since the quarantine began, clothes are fitting a bit tighter than usual. Maybe you haven’t noticed because you’ve been in your favorite pair of sweatpants on the regular, but the inactive lifestyle being stuck at home promotes is not good for your waistline. With summer now here, it’s the perfect time to create some healthier edibles to consume on the big day. Purchasing healthy edibles is a great way to celebrate summer with friends or the next big holiday, without worrying about a sugar overload.

While the future of weed remains ever changing, one can’t help but wonder just how big an impact odorless weed will make. A less harsh lungful of smoke is definitely a selling point for beginners, but it’s not as though that issue lasts for long with most pot smokers. Similarly, a dank aroma on your clothes, in your pockets, or on the street may retain some social stigma, but it really all depends on where you are or where you’re working.